Wong Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest DVD

Wong Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest DVD
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USA 2013 | 81 min. | Color

Hilarious Performance Artist Kristina Wong vows that at the end of her 85 minute one woman show, she will save all Asian American women from the inexplicably high rates of suicide and depression affecting them. How is she so qualified? Because she’s has never been depressed herself. Really! She even says that any autobiographical reference she makes to having been depressed is totally fictional. Because what Chinese American family isn’t perfect? Certainly not the Wongs! Irreverent, clever, and insanely meta-theatrical, Wong’s attempts at playing savior unravel faster than the nest of yarn she’s perched on. She descends quickly into the divide between Asian porn stars and the impossibly perfect. Along the way she becomes a hysterical living commentary on the cultural and societal pressures that may be creating depression in the first place. Wong’s Tour De Force performance played over seven years to 50 venues across the US.