A Documentary by Debbie Etchison & Michael Samstag
USA 2007, 74 minutes, Color
NTSC, DVD, Unrated, English

War & Truth
War & Truth
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War & Truth chronicles the history of embedded journalists from WWII to today. When the United States went to war with Iraq, more than two thousand journalists charged across the Iraqi desert to document history and send the story home. Not everything they saw made it into the newspaper or onto the television news. This film details the courage and frustrations of journalists who risk their lives on the front lines. It dares to bring to light the images you won�t see on the news and explores the true story of what it really means when a nation goes to war.

DVD Extras:
Extended interview segments:
- Joe Galloway: Author of We Were Soldiers Once and Young
- Helen Thomas: White House Correspondent
- Norman T. Hatch: Marines Combat Camera Officer

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