Trumping Democracy Educational Use License

Trumping Democracy Educational Use License
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This license is required for showing "Trumping Democracy" regularly in a classroom or educational setting. Unlike a screening license, this educational use license is valid for one year and permits the purchaser to show the film to their class and include it in their curriculum.

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Language: English, French w/ English subtitles.


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Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States by winning three key states, a victory engineered by an ultra-conservative faction that quietly mapped its way to power using fake news, lies, social media and psychometrics.

This explosive documentary follows the money to the reclusive multi-billionaire Robert Mercer, who bought Breitbart News and funded the effort while inserting Steve Bannon into the presidential campaign as its manager. Using data of millions of Americans acquired from Facebook, Google, banks, credit companies, social security and more, another Mercer company, Cambridge Analytica, used tactics honed during the UK’s Brexit campaign to identify voters deemed “most neurotic or worried,” whom they believed could swing for Trump. In the days before the election, using a little-known Facebook feature, “dark posts,” they deployed highly manipulative and personalized messages that could be seen only by the user before disappearing.

In the darkness of the web, democracy was trumped by data.

Director's Statement by Thomas Huchon:
"This investigation really started a hangover day. Oh, not because we had drunk too much the day before, no. Yet this morning of November 9, 2016, something is wrong. In the night, on the other side of the Atlantic, the impossible has become improbable, before becoming in the morning our new reality: Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. I wanted to understand how that could have happened.

4%: the percentage of truthful statements made by Trump during the campaign. How could a man who spends his time lying could be credible to millions of voters?

He incarnated a populist insurrection that had been brewing in America for several years. And he has become their standard bearer as much as their interpreter. He was supported by a real lie business, by media that spreads hackers with such magnitude that they now have a generic name: fake news. And these fake news, which have long been taken for jokes of schoolboys, are in fact weapons of massive persuasion at the service of reactionary ideas.

100 million dollars: the amount invested by a billionaire for 10 years to place his man in the White House.

This question called for a second: was it necessary to believe him when he declared himself immune to the powers of money, to the "dark money" of American politics?

"I'm going to clean the backwater of politics" proclaimed Trump as much to attack his opponent as to proclaim his own independence. He, the wealthy entrepreneur, did not fear "dark money" and the resulting corruption. He was alone against all. Quickly, I realized that here too it was a lie and behind Trump hid a billionaire. A secret man who has decided to impose, by means of millions, his reactionary and conservative ideas. And who to do so will go even further, creating the machine to win the elections with algorithms.

77,000: This is the number of votes in 3 states (Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) that allow Trump to win the elections while he has 3 million votes behind at the national level. How to win when you lose an election?

This year 2016 marked a changeover, which challenges the American institutions. Indeed, the advent of new information technologies has allowed the development of new tools that allow candidates to target us without our knowledge. And so to make us switch in their favor, with messages that are directly intended for us, messages that are designed on the basis of personal data that we all leave behind on the internet. "If software can identify the voters who matter most, well, it's our entire system that goes out of date. All this did not happen by chance. All this is the result of immense manipulation. A manipulation that opened in Trump the doors of the White House."

Film Title: Trumping Democracy
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DVD STREET DATE: 12/05/2017
TRT: 69 min
GENRE: Documentary
AUDIO: Stereo
RATIO: 1080p 16:9 Widescreen
Language: English, French w/ English subtitles
Director: Thomas Huchon
Distributor: Cinema Libre Studio