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USA 2008, 90 min., Color
NTSC DVD, English, Not Rated


"TRE is something rare." - LA Weekly

"...a surprising, dark twist that packs quite a mean punch. 'Friends,' this is not." - Gen Art Pulse

Tre (Daniel Cariaga), a slacker, uses his brains, not his brawn, to seduce a woman seeking revenge against her husband. The woman, a brassy but vulnerable actress/waitress named Nina (Alix Koromzay), moved out of the house after discovering that her husband had kissed another woman…for ten seconds.

Nina's more stable and responsible friend Kakela (Kimberly-Rose Wolter) plays host and witness to their illicit affair. Seeing Nina fall from grace, Kakela begins to question her own devotion to her fiancé, Gabe (Erik McDowell).

It is Tre who proposes the perfect experiment to test Kakela's love for Gabe. The experiment only lasts for ten seconds, but it sparks a chain reaction that would change their lives forever.

In his third feature film, acclaimed writer/director Eric Byler ("Americanese" and "Charlotte Sometimes") explores the relevance of social institutions such as marriage, work, love and family in an era where lies and corruption were rewarded over honesty and the rule of law. Sexual temptation and moral ambiguity are the only constants in Byler's searing sequel to his critically acclaimed, surprise nominee of the 2003 Independent Spirit Awards, "Charlotte Sometimes."

Bonus Features:
- Commentary track
- Behind-the-Scenes Documentary
- Deleted Scenes
- Q & A with Director Eric Byler
- Eric Byler's thesis film, "Kenji's Faith"