Too Sane For This World DVD w/Educational License (COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY)

Too Sane For This World DVD w/Educational License (COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY)
Too Sane For This World DVD w/Educational License (COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY)
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Each DVD with Educational License has a limited public performance site license, which allows the purchasing organization to use the film in its classroom for educational purposes only. The screening of the film cannot be advertised to the public and can only be attended by members or students of the purchasing organization.

Special arrangements need to be made with Cinema Libre Studio in order to screen the film at other locations or to show the film to a larger public screenings. Contact or visit our EDUCATIONAL AND PUBLIC PERFORMANCE INFORMATION PAGE.


Director: William Davenport TRT: 63 Minutes

Too Sane for This World explores the challenges, gifts, and distinct perspectives of 12 adults on the autism spectrum. Featuring an introduction by bestselling author, Dr. Temple Grandin, and interviews designed by adults with high-functioning autism, the film discusses many of the problems facing the autism community – from bullying to marginalization and discrimination. A unique collaboration between neurotypical and atypical individuals, men and women living on the spectrum speak candidly about defining and coming to terms with their autism, difficulties they’ve faced, and the experiences that have shaped their lives, illustrating the neurodiversity of the mind and it’s limitless potential