The Hollywood Bucket of Love

The Hollywood Bucket of Love
The Hollywood Bucket of Love
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Plastic Popcorn Bucket – bad for the environment but good for greasy popcorn! Heart Tin with M&Ms - purchased at an overpriced store in the Hollywood & Highland complex where the upcoming Oscar’s ® take place... Sweetheart candies – these hard-to-find babies were purchased at the Silver Lake store that Conde Nast Traveler called LA’s Coolest Store! A satchel of Chocolate Hearts - What better to wash down the popcorn and sweethearts than a dozen pieces of chocolate!

Plus five of Cinema Libre’s most romantic and/or sexually liberated indie narratives films:

Kissing Cousins, Mark of Love, Touch, Now & Later, My First Wedding

Kissing Cousins - Amir breaks up couples as a living, but when his engaged friends shy away from his bad karma, he recruits a beautiful woman to be his pretend girlfriend.

Mark of Love - Lured into a trap by women seeking relationship advice, Mark finds his own love life getting more complicated when the women start giving him advice!

Touch - A sensual exploration of attraction between a greasy hands mechanic and the Vietnamese manicurist he hires to scrub his hands, an act meant to impress his distant wife! (Unrated, some flesh)

Now & Later - Angela is an illegal immigrant who encounters Bill, a banker. Through their passionate encounters, they begin to expose each other to new ways of viewing the world. (This is hot one, not meant for the kiddies)

My First Wedding - Rachel Leigh Cook stars as a bride-to-be who mistakenly things a sexy carpenter is the priest she recruited to help keep her faithful until her wedding day.


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