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The Great Postal Heist DVD 10-pack
The Great Postal Heist DVD 10-pack
Item# The-Great-Postal-Heist-DVD-10pack

Product Description

The Great Postal Heist follows director Jay Galione's father, a 30-year US Post Office clerk, who was harassed, threatened, and fired for standing up for his colleagues. A moving indictment of the toxic culture and push to downsize, the documentary chronicles the journey of postal workers, experts, and advocates who experienced firsthand the abuses in the oldest federal agency in America and stood up against the USPS's notoriously violent work environment, featuring interviews with Ralph Nader and Richard Wolff. The atmosphere was a result of systematic dismantling and privatization of the trillion-dollar mail industry by lobbyists and politicians who seek to make profits at the expense of the mental health, living wages, and working conditions of their employees.

Written & Directed by Jay Galione


Street Date: January 25, 2022

Genre: Documentary

UPC: 8813941291221

Run Time: 96 Minutes

Rating Not rated

SRP: $19.95

Format: 16 x 9 Widescreen

Bonus content: Q&A from Workers United Film Festival with Jay Galione, Sheila Dvorak