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Product Description

This premium option is designed for well-funded non-profits and institutions looking to host a fully managed, stress-free film screening + Live Q&A for their members. This is a fully synchronized event featuring our most complete and customizable event options. The premium package is designed to offer your even the most support, visibility, and ease-of-execution for your organization and up to 400 guests.

A fully orchestrated screening event via platform partner Gathr includes:

•Synchronized film start time with post-screening Q&A featuring panelists of your choice immediately following + online chat in the same window makes it easy for guests to enjoy the event.

•An easy-to-navigate, customizable landing page for your event with a logo, description of your organization, and photos of Q&A panelists.

•Public Performance Rights (i.e. screening license) for up to 500 guests.

•The event can be ticketed or free with donations possible. All ticket sales and donations will go directly to your organization, minus processing fees.

•Your post-show Q&A can be live streamed to your Facebook page

•The event would be open to guests outside the U.S. at the start time stipulated.

•CLS will provide cut-and-pasteable copy to promote and explain the virtual screening event to your quests.

•CLS will provide the list of guest attendees (email list) within 5 days of the event.

**Please email with subject line: TELL MY STORY VIRTUAL SCREENING EVENT with the details.**

International screening inquiries, please contact

Click the links to find details about In Person Screening event using a DVD or for an Educational DSL.

In order to screen TELL MY STORY (or any film) to an audience, a *public performance license (PPR) is required. A PPR is meant for a public screening event but extends to: a) at your home with invited guests beyond your immediate family or what is considered "personal use" --even if you have a DVD or have purchased an On Demand option or b) screen sharing or live streaming of online or DVD content to a group outside of your immediate household. This applies to any DVD or bonus features as well.

Since there is a sizable expense to produce and distribute a film, as well as to administer these programs, screening fees help to allay these costs and contribute towards recoupment.

2020 | Genre: Documentary | Language: English| TRT: 85 minutes | Format: 1.85:1 Widescreen, 5.1 Audio

SYNOPSIS: A grieving father seeks answers after his 14-year-old son dies by suicide. He uncovers painful truths about the lives of teens, the impact of unfettered access to internet and social media, and the shocking rise of depression among America's youth.

The journey brings him together with young suicide survivors, prevention experts, and parents trying to understand the 70% increase in adolescent suicide. Closer to home, with his family fractured, he examines his son's technology use to discover what no parent wants to find.

Seeking to find the warning signs that were missed, he instead finds ways to reverse the isolation and disconnectedness that is killing our youth.