TELL MY STORY - PPR (Public Performance Rights) DVD - $220.00

TELL MY STORY - PPR (Public Performance Rights) DVD - $220.00
Item# tell-my-story-ppr

Product Description

License for Public Schools, Community Groups, Governmental Agencies, College/Universities, Educational Institutions, Conferences, National Non-Profits & For Profit Institutions

This *PPR license is meant for a one-time public, non-admission screening event for up to 150 people where no admission is charged and a DVD will be used to exhibit the film. If the attendance will exceed 150 people, please contact for pricing options.

Available worldwide.

With this option, NO ADMISSION CAN BE CHARGED, however you can:
1) accept donations at the event to defray costs or
2) resell copies of the DVD (available for bulk purchase at a significant discount by request).
**Although this option includes a physical DVD, it is only licensed for one event. Please email with subject line: TELL MY STORY – PPR – DVD with the details of your screening in order to receive the license by email.**

Delivery details:
·Please allow two weeks to receive the DVD in the U.S. and three weeks for any international shipments. We ship using USPS.
·The DVD is in NTSC format and must be played on a compatible player. Closed captions are included.
International Requests/ Theatre owners/film buyers: For distribution and screening inquiries, please contact

To arrange for a Virtual Screening event, with access to a digital stream, please review these options.

In order to screen TELL MY STORY (or any film) to an audience, a *public performance license (PPR) is required. A PPR is meant for a public screening event but extends to: a) at your home with invited guests beyond your immediate family or what is considered “personal use” --even if you have a DVD or have purchased an On Demand option or b) screen sharing or livestreaming of online or DVD content to a group outside of your immediate household. This applies to any DVD or bonus features as well.

Since there is a sizable expense to produce and distribute a film, as well as to administer these programs, screening fees help to allay these costs and contribute towards recoupment.

2020 | Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Director: David Freid
TRT: 85 minutes
Format: 1.85:1 Widescreen, 5.1 Audio

SYNOPSIS: A grieving father seeks answers after his 14-year-old son dies by suicide. He uncovers painful truths about the lives of teens, the impact of unfettered access to internet and social media, and the shocking rise of depression among America’s youth.

The journey brings him together with young suicide survivors, prevention experts, and parents trying to understand the 70% increase in adolescent suicide. Closer to home, with his family fractured, he examines his son’s technology use to discover what no parent wants to find.

Seeking to find the warning signs that were missed, he instead finds ways to reverse the isolation and disconnectedness that is killing our youth.