Soldier Child DVD

Soldier Child DVD
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Directed by Neil Abramson
Narrated by Danny Glover USA 1998 55 minutes, Color
NTSC, DVD, Not Rated

Since 1990, the people of Northern Uganda have watched in horror as tens of thousands of children have been kidnapped from their homes, marched to the Sudan, and then trained as child soldiers in a rebel army.

Acholi rebel-leader and religious fanatic Joseph Kony abducts Acholi children indiscriminately, brainwashes them, and then forces them to commit indescribable atrocities against their own families and friends.

This documentary reveals the efforts put forth by the Northern Uganda people and the rehabilitation of the children fortunate enough to escape Kony's army.

DVD Extras:
- New interview with director Neil Abramson
- Resources to get invovled
- Trailers
- Chapter selection