Speaking Freely, Volume 3: Ray McGovern

Speaking Freely (Volume 3): Ray McGovern
Speaking Freely (Volume 3): Ray McGovern
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USA 2007, 52 minutes, Color
NTSC, DVD, Not Rated, English

Having Served as a CIA analyst for 27 years, Ray McGovern speaks candidly about the creation of the Agency, the deceit that lead to the invasion of Iraq, the questionable character of George Tenet, and more. In stark frankness, McGovern examines the politicization of the Central Intelligence Agency and how it came to be an entity that serves the White House agenda, instead of one that serves up the unbiased truth.

Disgusted by the lack of integrity exhibited by members of the intelligence community and U.S. government, McGovern retired and eventually co-created VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) - an organization dedicated to exposing the mishandling of important intelligence, particularly with regard to the War on Iraq.

Full of inside information you have never heard before aqbout the way in which our nation's most secretive agency operates.

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- Biography
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