Speaking Freely, Volume 2: Susan George

Speaking Freely (Volume 2): Susan George
Speaking Freely (Volume 2): Susan George
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USA 2007, 52 minutes, Color
NTSC, DVD, Not Rated, English

Susan George, author of more than a dozen books, is the Chair of the Planning Board of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam, a fellowship of scholars living throughout the world whose work is intended to contribute to social justice. Born in the United States and now living near Paris, George became a French citizen in 1994. From 1999 to 2006, she served as Vice-President of ATTAC France (Association for Taxation of Financial Transaction to Aid Citizens). She is currently focusing her attention on the issue of neo-liberal globalization and engaged in a a campaign to democratize the World Trade Organization.

Join this award-winning scholar for an hour as she reveals the truth behind the history of empire building, neo-colonialism, and the causes of poverty in our world today.