Rotor DR1 Blu-Ray

Rotor DR1 Blu-Ray
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"After a viral epidemic eliminated 90% of the world�s population, survivors struggle to rebuild and reconnect with the world they�ve lost. Autonomous drones, originally meant to deliver vaccinations for the deadly disease, now wander aimlessly through the sky and are hunted for their parts and power sources.

But when a 16-year-old boy named Kitch stumbles on a peculiar drone named DR1, clues about his long-lost father begin to surface. As Kitch defends his new drone from the local crime syndicate, he befriends a young female member named Maya. With Maya�s encouragement and DR1 leading the way, the three travelers set out on a journey to find Kitch�s father. With potential enemies around every corner, Kitch, Maya and DR1 must work together to navigate the unknown and find the answers they seek."

Bonus Features include:
- Trailers
- Deleted scenes
- Bloopers
- 7 Featurettes
- Commentary
- Storyboard Timelapse