Water Wars PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS (Non-Profits/K-12/Public Libraries)
Specially Priced for Non-Profits*, K-12, Public Libraries
*Non-Profits will be asked to provide proof of 501(c)3 status.

Water Wars PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS (Non-Profits/K-12/Public Libraries)
Water Wars PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS (Non-Profits/K-12/Public Libraries)
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All screenings are subject to approval by Cinema Libre Studio.

If you will be charging admission to your screening, please make a note in the comments section at check out and a representative will contact you.

For screenings to 500 or more individuals, special arrangements need to be made with Cinema Libre Studio. Contact screening@cinemalibrestudio.com

ABOUT THE FILM:The nation of Bangladesh is prey to every threat from water known to man. WATER WARS: When Drought, Flood and Greed Collide tells the story of this land at war with not only rising seas, but devastating floods and droughts -- from India's dams dumping their excess in the wet season and siphoning off river water in the dry season. And as Bangladesh sees less and less river water during the dry season, it is forced to dig deeper for more wells, encountering arsenic poisoning that is filling hospitals and graveyards.