The Children's War Public Performance Rights Specially Priced for Non-Profits*, K-12, Public Libraries *Non-Profits will need to submit proof of 501(c)3 Status

The Children's War PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS (Non-Profit, K-12, Public Libraries)
The Children's War PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS (Non-Profit, K-12, Public Libraries)
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About the Film
Filmmaker, Andy Krakower, was set to do a film about the successful reversal of the AIDS infection rates in Northern Uganda. In his quest to get to some of the rural villages where the outbreak of the virus was most prevalent, many of the locals warned him that it was far too dangerous. He was unaware of the Lordís Resistance Army and the 22-year long rebellion led by cult rebel leader, Joseph Kony. As he learned more about the war, Krakower and his crew changed their focus and this film.

Hear the stories of the children who have been displaced and live in constant fear that they will be kidnapped and forced to become a soldier. Witness the only existing interview of Kony, who claims spirits have aided him throughout this fight. Discover how the Acholi people find a way of life among corrupt government soldiers whose protection from the LRA rebels are accompanied by the heinous abuses of power.