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Mysterious Mamberamo
Mysterious Mamberamo
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USA 2008 | 67 min. | Color
DVD NTSC | English | Not Rated

Thanks to its inaccessibility, both natural and political, Indonesia's Irian Jaya is the only remaining place where civilized man can come into contact with the primitive world. Until now, no expedition had managed the march from the center of the country to the River Mamberamo, which hides its secrets from the white world - this is the dream of all explorers and adventure seekers. It was here that two friends entered an un known jungle on a trek over 600 miles long. They were looking for the most primitive tribes in order to help us remember and learn - how we used to live in harmony with nature. Their journey led them through the forbidden inland territory of New Guinea where they struggled with the snares of the jungle, malaria, hunger, and with themselves.

Bonus Features:
- Expedition Footage