Method Sampling DVD

Method Sampling DVD
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SYNOPSIS: Method Sampling is the principle used by an Oakland, CA globetrotting orchestra that fuses hip-hop and classical music to magical effect. JooWan Kim, its Korean born composer, believes that any paradigm-shifting change only happens by sampling and reframing differences which spark innovation.

To test his hypothesis, he meets a disabled choreographer who revolutionized modern dance, a self-taught Black mycologist who wrote the first books on Cordyceps cultivation, and a tiny house builder with a shipbuilding background who looks at houses as inverted boats. In addition, he meets the Italian Critical Theorist, Fabio Vighi, to explore how Method Sampling may allow society to overcome the challenges it faces today.

Featuring: JooWan Kim - Artistic Director / Ensemble Mik Nawooj Christopher Nicholas - Executive Director / Ensemble Mik Nawooj Marc Brew - Artistic Director / Axis Dance William Padilla-Brown - Citizen Scientist / MycoSymbiotics Abel Zimmerman Zyl - Tiny House Builder / Zyl Vardos Fabio Vighi - Professor of Italian & Critical Theory / Cardiff University

DVD DETAILS - bonus features include: Extended Interview with William Padilla-Brown Death Become Life album 11 tracks composed by JooWan Kim, performed by Ensemble Mik Nawooj Closed Captions in English

Street Date: November 7, 2023 | Genre: Documentary, Music| Not Rated | Running time: 57 minutes UPC: 881394129528 | SRP: $19.95 | Format: 16:9 Widescreen |Audio: Stereo