Little Fugitive DVD
Little Fugitive DVD
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USA 2008 | 87 min. | Color
NTSC DVD | English | Not Rate

"A moving remake...deftly directed...An assured mixture of charm and depth..."
- The Economist

“A lovely ode to childhood—and to Brooklyn”
- 'L' Magazine

"A beautifully remade version. . .Those familiar with the 1953 film should easily embrace this film as something fresh and new, while appreciating Lipper's homage to the original. She's someone we'll be hearing more from in the future. "

With his father in prison and his mother working long hours at a nursing home, Lenny, age 11, is looking after his younger brother, Joey, age 7. Lenny plans to celebrate his twelfth birthday with friends at Coney Island on the Cyclone rollercoaster -- which Joey is too small to ride. When the mother goes away for the weekend she leaves Lenny in charge. When Joey defies Lenny's orders to stay at home, Lenny devises a cruel joke, intending to teach his little brother a lesson. The joke goes too far. Believing that he has shot and killed his older brother, Joey runs away to Coney Island, thinking that he can never go home again.

DVD Extras:
- Inside Out: Portraits of Children Bonus Documentary
- Photo Galleries