Kids' Rights: The Business of Adoption PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS (NON-PROFITS/K-12)
Kids' Rights: The Business of Adoption PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS (NON-PROFITS/K-12)
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In KIDSí RIGHTS, filmmakers Michael Dudko and Olga Rudnieva ask themselves if they are good enough for parenthood and whether they have the right after they personally witness Sir Elton Johnís own failed attempt to adopt a child. Their investigation leads them through the Himalayas, the urban slums of Ukraine, China, the United Kingdom, and the United States where they learn about the corruption behind adoption practices and the cyclical problems caused by the welfare system. Through interviews with Dave Pelzer, author of ďA Child Called ItĒ, social workers, neuropsychologists, attorneys, parents, soon-to-be parents, victims of child abuse, and Sir Elton John himself, they learn that in todayís global society children in lack of basic human rights and privileges.