Jihadists, Up to 50 people, Community Screening License

Jihadists, Up to 50 people, Community Screening License
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Product Description

Purchase this license for community screenings up to 50 people. If your screening will be attended by 25 or less people, please purchase a Community Screening License Up to 25 People or for a larger audience, purchase a PPR Screening License.

Ideal for local service providers and community groups, this license is designed to support screenings for small groups of people. Some examples of venues that would use this license are community centers, neighborhood councils, a recreational annex, churches, libraries, museums, etc. These discounted rates are available for DVD only.

With this option, no admission can be charged, however you can:
1) accept donations at the event to defray costs or
2) resell copies of the DVD (available for bulk purchase at a significant discount).

Standard Format: DVD, included in the Community Screening license + shipping & handling

Available worldwide, except France.

International Requests: For international distribution rights, screening requests, and film festivals in all other territories, please contact Mo Ouasti at mouasti@cinemalibrestudio.com with details and estimated attendance.

Charging Admission: Theatre owners/film buyers who wish to book the film should contact Richard Castro, VP, Distribution.

In order to screen Jihadists (or any film), a public performance license (PPR) is required. A PPR is required for any public screening event—including if at your home if invited guests extend beyond your immediate family or what is considered “personal use”--even if you have a DVD or have purchased an On Demand option. Since there is a sizable expense to produce and distribute a film, as well as to administer these programs, screening fees help to allay these costs.

Banned in France (released as ‘Salfistes’), JIHADISTS goes deep into the heart of the Salafi movement, to reveal the inner workings of extremist Islam.

A pair of Western filmmakers were granted unparalleled access to fundamentalist clerics of Sunni Islam who proselytize for a “purer” form of Islam--including jihad of the sword--in Mali, Tunisia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Their theoretical interpretations are juxtaposed against images and footage from recruitment videos to show the hardline application of sharia law. Without experts contextualizing these events, the film, which inspired the Oscar-nominated feature, “Timbuktu”, paints a stark portrait of everyday life under jihadi rule.

Co-directed by Lemine Ould Salem of Mauritania and France’s François Margolin, an earlier version of the film was released in the days following the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris where it was mistakenly interpreted as an empathetic portrayal of jihadism.

Running Time: 75 MINS
Genre: Documentary
Sound Mix: Stereo, 5.1
Ratio: 16x9, HD
Language: French, Arabic, English, Bambara with English subtitles
Closed Captions: Available
SRP: $19.95
site: JihadistsFilm.com

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