HomoSayWhat EDU/DSL (Educational Classroom Usage/Digital Site License)

HomoSayWhat EDU/DSL (Educational Classroom Usage/Digital Site License)
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Available in the US & Canada only.

Please indicate if the event is private attendance only or open to the public.

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In order to screen HOMOSAYWHAT (or any film), a public performance license (PPR) is required. A PPR is required for any public screening event—including if at your home if invited guests extend beyond your immediate family or what is considered “personal use”--even if you have a DVD or have purchased an On Demand option. Since there is a sizable expense to produce and distribute a film, as well as to administer these programs, screening fees help to allay these costs.

This PPR license is meant for a one-time public, non-admission screening events for up to 250 people arranged by governmental agencies, conferences, national non-profits and for-profit institutions. The full fee will need to be paid in full before your screening. If the attendance will exceed 250 people, please contact outreach@cinemalibrestudio.com for pricing options.

With this option, no admission can be charged, however you can:
1) accept donations at the event to defray costs or
2) resell copies of the DVD (available for bulk purchase at a significant discount by request).

Format Options:
  • This option includes DVD only.
  • Also available is DCP Format, for which there is an additional charge
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  • Send to: Cinema Libre Studios 120 S Victory Blvd, First Floor, Burbank, CA 91502

International Requests: For international distribution rights, screening requests, and film festivals in all other territories, please contact Rich Reiger at rrieger@cinemalibrestudio.com with details and estimated attendance.

Charging Admission: Please contact outreach@cinemalibrestudio.com using subject line: A HomoSayWhat – screening inquiry with admission.

Theatre owners/film buyers who wish to book the film should contact Richard Castro, VP, Distribution.

Run Time: 90 minutes | Language: English Subtitles | Rating: NR (violence, disturbing images, drug usage, some sexuality and language)
“Homophobia didn't just happen. It took decades of instruction and collaboration to shape public public opinion in support of the idea that homosexuality is unacceptable in our society.” – Sharon Wilfong, Vocal.Media

SYNOPSIS: Homophobia didn’t just happen. Orchestrated campaigns by cultural institutions and public figures have systemically instilled anti-LGBTQ prejudice into American culture by shaping public opinion.

In the 1960s, propaganda films warned parents of “predatory characters” at local parks under the guise of public service announcements. Anita Bryant’s Save Our Children campaign in the 70’s galvanized a coalition of conservative religious groups that spread the idea that sexual abnormalities would corrupt the nation and its children. The 80’s AIDS pandemic further exacerbated fears about homosexuality and “making fun” became a way to marginalize those who were different, which subsequently generated anger, fear, violence and even murder against targets deemed inferior.

Although the LGBTQ+ community has witnessed progress since the passing of Marriage Equality and award-winning LGBTQ+ shows and films have been embraced, the psychic damage to gay people is deep and events like the tragedy that struck the Orlando PULSE night club remind us that hateful propaganda can sometimes lead to deadly outcomes.
Directed and written by Craig Bettendorf & Kai Morgan,

Running Time: 76 MINS
Genre: Documentary
Sound Mix: Stereo
Ratio: 16:9, HD
Language: English
Closed Captions: Available
site: HomoSayWhatFilm.com