Furthest From the Wild DVD (Vision Films)

Furthest From the Wild DVD (Vision Films)
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Delve into the world of animal sanctuaries, whose mission is to save abandoned animals and enlighten the public about this ongoing tragedy. Follow the day-to-day struggles of sanctuary keepers around the world who, armed with grit and courage, care for a wide variety of beautiful species, including large cats, wolves, dogs, rabbits, primates, reptiles and more. Meet the people who dedicate their lives to this cause, and witness, through their eyes, the heartbreaking examples of neglect and abuse that these animals endure before given a new chance.

“Furthest From the Wild” reveals the issues plaguing our system that cause millions of animals to die each year. A powerful call-to-action, this insightful documentary provides a thought-provoking analysis about the condition of animal rights and our responsibilities to them as human beings.

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