Forget Me Not 5pack

Forget Me Not 5pack
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DIRECTED BY Olivier Bernier


As 3-year-old Emilio prepares to start school, his family finds itself embroiled in a challenge all too common for children with disabilities - to secure the right to an inclusive education. Cornered in one of the most segregated education systems, New York City public schools, filmmaker Olivier and his wife Hilda turn the camera on themselves and their child with Down syndrome, as they navigate a byzantine system originally designed to silo children with disabilities.
Emilio's parents learn from other families who have fought against the injustices built into the educational system while they continue their own battle for their son's future.
Forget Me Not reveals a path to a more inclusive society that starts with welcoming diversity in the classroom.


Hilda Bernier
Emilio Bernier
Olivier Bernier

In addition to families, FORGET ME NOT brings together experts such as :

Thomas Hehir, former Director of Special Education in the United States (recently deceased);

Sara Jo Soldovieri, a disability rights advocate, formerly with the National Down Syndrome Society;

Lori Podvesker, Director of Disability & Educational Policy with IncludeNYC;

David H.Rose, co-creator of Universal Design for Learning;

and Sue Swenson, President of Inclusion International and formerly Deputy Assistant Secretary for Special Ed-Services.

103 minutes | Not Rated |

UPC: 881394129429 | SRP: $19.95 | Format: 16 x 9 Widescreen |Audio: Stereo, 5.1

Extras include an accessible Audio Description, closed captions in English, Spanish and Portuguese; and three additional bonus features:

Revisiting Willowbrook - Fred Goldstein, a resident of the Willowbrook State School from age four to age twenty, visits the abandoned campus with his brother Allan for the first time since leaving.

From Inclusion to Hollywood - Zack Gottsagen, star of The Peanut Butter Falcon and an actor with Down syndrome, gives a tour of his home and talks about the experience of being an actor. His mother, Shelley Gottsagen, discusses inclusion and how it led to Zack's successful career.

Workplace Inclusion - John Lee Cronin and Mark X. Cronin, are a father & son business team. John, who has Down syndrome, discusses the founding of their business, John's Crazy Socks, while Mark emphasizes the importance of hiring people with different abilities.

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