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Electile Dysfunction
Electile Dysfunction
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Product Description

USA 2008 | 88 min. | Color
NTSC DVD | English | Not Rated

Public disapproval of politics and politicians is at an all time high, and for good reason. Cynicism and distrust are the hallmarks of this public disenchantment. The unholy alliance of special interest money and public policy has produced government that is perceived to be out of touch with the reality of everyday citizens and unresponsive to their needs. ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION is a serious critique of a political system that is spiraling into irrelevance. It surveys a broad cross-section of political elites, consultants, celebrities, and insiders to provide a critical analytical expose that is a must for individuals in search of answers as to how we got here and where we go from here. ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION is a must see for anyone concerned about the future of democratic societies everywhere.

Bonus Features:
- Additional Interviews
- "The American" Music Video
- Trailer