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The Girl From The Brothel DVD
The Girl From The Brothel DVD
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After catching her husband in a Cambodian brothel, a Parisian photographer negotiates for the life of a young girl and risks great danger to help two more stowaways return home.

THE GIRL FROM THE BROTHEL was originally released on the international film festival circuit as TALKING TO THE TREES (as a Director's cut) where it was an official selection and won several awards and the support of NGO's working to end child sex trafficking including SIGNIS, UNICEF France and CARITAS. It was screened at the United Nations in Geneva and for King Albert and Queen Paola of Belgium at the European Parliament. After some editing, it was released on over 200 screens in Italy and France in 2016.

Film Title: The Girl From The Brothel
Film Website:
TRT: 91 min
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Audio: Stereo:
STREET DATE: 04/25/2017
GENRE: Drama
Language: English / French / Cambodian
Director: Ilaria Borrelli
Distributor: Cinema Libre Studio