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DVD 2pack: Vaxxed DVD and Injecting Aluminum DVD
DVD 2pack: Vaxxed DVD and Injecting Aluminum DVD
Item# dvd-2pack-Vaxxed-Injecting-Aluminum

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All DVDs of Injecting Aluminum are Region 0 and play in all territories on NTSC players (standard DVD format in the US).

Will this DVD format play on my device?
FAQ about PAL vs NTSC format: HERE

The standard Vaxxed DVD is NTSC-Region 1, which is specifically for US and Canada, but may also work internationally on most desktops and laptops. If you prefer the Vaxxed DVD in PAL format, please state that during check out in the comments section.

For NATURAL AWAKENINGS promotional orders, you may also purchase each film individually.

Click here for the Injecting Aluminum DVD (Domestic US, NTSC, Region Free)

For Vaxxed, please select one of these two options:
Vaxxed Standard DVD (Typically domestic US and Canada, NTSC, Region 1)
Vaxxed International DVD (PAL Format, Region Free)

In addition, you can stream the films instantly below via Vimeo ($3.99 each, rental fee for 48 hours of unlimited viewing).
Following the success of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, Cinema Libre Studio has released a new French documentary (with English subtitles) that further examines the safety of vaccines, this time focusing on the aluminum adjuvants used in most vaccines to stimulate an immuno-response.