Dust of Life DVD

Dust of Life DVD
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USA 2011 | 85 min. | Color
DVD NTSC | Vietnamese with English Subtitles

From Rachid Bouchareb, the Academy Award® nominated director for OUTSIDE THE LAW and DAYS OF GLORY comes his first Oscar® nominated film, DUST OF LIFE. The film features Son, the child of a black American officer, and his Vietnamese mother are trying to leave Vietnam. But without American documents, they are forced to stay. On coming home from school one day, Son is picked up by the Bô-doï (Vietnamese soldiers) who arrest the children roaming the streets of Saigon. Orphans, shoeshine boys and delinquents, they are the “dust-specks of life” of a decomposing world. Packed into two trucks, eighty children are ferried to the rehabilitation camps where they are forced to submit to the order and ethics of the revolution. All attempts to escape end in the tiger cage before the departure for Fanta Hill, where there’s a terrible secret Son will come to understand. With Bob and little Haï, he decides to risk another escape and build a raft to sail down the river to the Mekong and from there to Saigon, to the sea and perhaps even to the U.S.