Driven: From Wheelchair to Race Car DVD w/ Educational Use License (College/University) NOW AVAILABLE!

Driven: From Wheelchair to Race Car DVD w/ Educational Use License (College/University)
Item# driven-from-wheelchair-to-race-car-dvd-edu-college

Product Description

Each DVD with Educational License has a limited public performance site license, which allows the purchasing organization to use the film in its classroom for educational purposes only. The screening of the film cannot be advertised to the public and can only be attended by members or students of the purchasing organization.

Special arrangements need to be made with Cinema Libre Studio in order to screen the film at other locations or to show the film to a larger public screenings. Contact or visit our EDUCATIONAL AND PUBLIC PERFORMANCE INFORMATION PAGE.


Mike Bauer was born to be fast and chased his dreams – from acting and singing to motor sports – until a tragic motorcycle accident left him paralyzed and on the verge of suicide. When he meets Dr. Scott Falci, a rehabilitative neurosurgeon and an amateur racing enthusiast who recognizes Mike’s potential as a driver, they venture into the uncharted territory of designing a race car with adaptive controls designed for the paraplegic driver. Will climbing behind the wheel of this new race car be enough to bring mike back from the brink?