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Deflating the Elephant DVD
Deflating the Elephant DVD
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USA 2009 | 124 min. | Color DVD NTSC | English | Not Rated

"DEFLATING THE ELEPHANT: THE FRAMED MESSAGES BEHIND CONSERVATIVE DIALOGUE teaches us how language affects our lives and more significantly, our political discourse. Language is influenced by what is known as “framing,” meaning every word is connected to a concept. How those concepts are used and repeated have proven to shape ideology, behavior and thought-process.

Featuring George Lakoff, author of Moral Politics: What Conservatives Know and Liberals Don’t and Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate, a professor of cognitive linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, who dissects the conservative dialogue and provides explanations and examples of how they have spent the last 35 years perfecting their ideas and their language. When we hear certain phrases like “tax relief,” “war on terror,” or “gay marriage,” they automatically illicit opinions that support conservative thinking.

Also featuring Award Award ® Winner, Sean Penn, this is an invaluable learning tool for anyone who wants to learn how to “read-between-the-lines” and recognize the real meaning behind framed messaging."