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Conventioneers DVD
Conventioneers DVD
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Directed by Mora Stephens
USA 2007, 105 minutes, Color
NTSC, DVD, Not Rated, English

DAVE MASSEY (Matthew Mabe), visiting New York City for the first time as a delegate to the Republican National Convention, falls into an unlikely affair with his long-lost college friend LEA (Woodwyn Koons), a Liberal who has returned to the city to protest the Republican agenda. Meanwhile, Leaís political colleague DYLAN (Alek Friedman) must reexamine his dedication to the cause when he is hired as a sign language interpreter for the Presidentís convention speech. As Massey and Lea struggle to overcome the bitter political divide, Dylan accepts the job but secretly plans to protest inside the convention. What follows will test their beliefs about politics, love and commitment, and will push buttons on both sides.

Shooting entirely on location in New York City, first-time director Mora Stephens and producer Joel Viertel utilized the 2004 Republican National Convention by blending actors with real activists and incorporating actual events of the convention into the storyline of the film.

DVD Extras:
- Behind the Scenes Featurette
- Arrest Shorts
- Commentary Tracks with Director, Producer, and Cast
- Alternate Takes and Alternate Endings