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bOObs: The War on Women's Breasts DVD 5pack
bOObs: The War on Women's Breasts DVD 5pack
Item# boobs-dvd-5pack

Product Description

2020 | Genre: Documentary | Unrated | Run Time: 97 minutes | Language: English | Aspect Ratio: (16:9) | Audio: Stereo | Region 1 | CLS1284 | UPC 881394128422 | SRP: $19.95

What you don't know about mammograms could cost you your life.

SYNOPSIS: bOObs: The War on Women’s Breasts investigates the controversy swirling around the breast cancer screening test mammography. Over a 30-year period, mammogram’s use led to over-diagnosing 1.3 million U.S. women, resulting in needless treatments for breast cancers that otherwise may not have spread.

Women share heart-breaking stories of how this test tragically left them permanently maimed following questionable diagnosis. One woman describes how her cancer exponentially worsened following the physical trauma from mammograms to her biopsied tumor.

Medical experts scientifically debunk the mammography myths of “early detection” and “low radiation,” which are amplified by cancer associations, women’s health groups, and governmental agencies worldwide. Requiring more mammographic scans, large- and dense-breasted women are left uninformed about the increased risk for radiation-induced cancers.

Non-conventional medical doctors reveal that the two painless tests of thermography and ultrasound are together a preferred protocol: the former is capable of detecting cancer precursors years before a tumor forms, and neither test contains radiation. Yet the 20-billion-dollar mammography industry — facilitated by insurance companies and governmental agencies — prevents the wide-spread use of these two tools for breast cancer screening.

Finally, experts break down how questionable science in medical journals and self-interests of big corporations are largely responsible for sending women down this frightful path.

Director: Megan S. Smith, M.S.

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Running Time: 97 MINS
Genre: Documentary
Sound Mix: Stereo Audio
Ratio: (16:9)
Language: English subtitles
Closed Captions: Available