Becoming Santa DVD

Becoming Santa DVD
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USA 2011 | 93 min. | Color
DVD NTSC | English

When Christmas rolled around again after his father’s death, Jack Sanderson realized he was not looking forward to the holiday. It seemed to Jack that Christmas had become a burden. He had only two choices: avoid it entirely or dive into the deepest part of the Christmas pool. In such a commercial culture, avoiding it seemed impossible, so Jack decided the best way to get through Christmas was to be in the eye of the Christmas Season storm. Jack would become Santa Claus and do as many of the things Santa is asked to do as possible.

For the documentary “Becoming Santa,” director Jeff Myers followed Jack on his journey to become Santa which entailed getting a custom Santa suit from Adele Saidy of ‘Adele’s of Hollywood,’ attending the ‘American Events Santa School’ taught by Susen Mesco in Denver and then Santa jobs. Along the way, Santa Jack rides in the 57th Annual Quincy Christmas Parade, rings a bell on a street corner in New York City for Volunteers of America and appears on the Susquehanna Railroad’s ‘Polar Express’ in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

Wrapped around Jack’s journey into Christmas, like the red stripe around a candy cane, are interviews with professional Santas, Santa aficionados and historians who provide the fascinating little known history of Santa Claus in America and how the Civil War helped to shape the Christmas holiday as we know it today