Truly Independent 3-Pack

Truly Independent 3-Pack (Cocaine Angel, Tre, Disfigured)
Truly Independent 3-Pack (Cocaine Angel, Tre, Disfigured)
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Product Description

Indie filmmakers will appreciate the drama (and the modest budget) of these compelling films about a tested friendship, a struggling addict and women dealing with beauty and acceptance.

• COCAINE ANGEL The grinding and tragic week in the life of a weary young drug addict who is clinging to the remnants of his once hopeful existence.

• DISFIGURED Lydia is a fast, graceful woman struggling to maintain her identity while dealing with complex feelings about her body and its place in the world. Darcy, a recovering anorexic is fighting the same issues from a very different perspective.

• TRE Tre arrives unannounced and his friends Gabe and his fiancée, Kakela, allow him to crash. Tre challenges Kakela to a 10-second experiment that changes her life forever.